Shahid Pavel


Hey there!

Welcome to, a blog for new bloggers and digital marketing enthusiasts.

Who Am I?

I’m Shahid Pavel, a digital marketing expert and aspiring blogger! I have started this blog to help you achieve your blogging goals and increase your online presence.

I have been doing blogging on many different niches like pets, travel, etc. But this the first time, I have started blogging about digital marketing! I have been doing digital marketing for around 5 years and become proficient in it.

I am an expert at Instagram Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Article writing, and many more!

Everything I blog about comes from my own experience and what digital marketing taught me till now.

All of my articles are focused on new digital marketing enthusiasts who want to grow their brand online and confused about how to start!

If you have any questions about digital marketing and blogging, feel free to contact me through the contact me page!